About RanchSense

a rancher on the back of a truck checking a water tank

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to free up landowners’ time so they can better steward their land, care for their animals, and provide for the recreation of the people they love. We use technology to eliminate repetitive ranching tasks, giving you time back to focus on your true priorities.

Our Beliefs

We believe that land ownership is a blessing. As landowners, we are obliged to steward the land we’re given as best as we can. While our names may be on the deed, we’re simply taking care of the land for the next generation.

two ranchers set up a monitoring sensor at a water tank on their property

Built By Ranchers for Ranchers

RanchSense got its start when we set out to try to solve our own problems. We’re ranchers and landowners too, and we’ve spent far too much time driving back and forth to our ranches to survey water, check gates, and investigate feeders and livestock.

At the end of every long day full of bumpy roads, locked gates, and the occasional rattlesnake encounter, we knew there had to be a better way to get these repetitive tasks off our hands. But, it seemed the only solution was to do it ourselves or pay someone else.

That’s why we built RanchSense. We figured that if all this driving and checking was so frustrating for us, it must be frustrating for others, too.

Turns out, we were right, and we’re so grateful to the many ranchers and landowners who trust us to help them lighten the load as they steward their land every day.

Find out if RanchSense is right for you.

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